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Vedicare Ayurveda is a certified processor and handler of organic products. Since 2007 we have been certified to USDA NOP standards as well as Indian NPOP standards which are harmonised with European Organic standards governed by Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.We are audited and certified by OneCert an accredited body, for compliance with the organic standards.

Please ask us for our complete list of certified organic products which includes Organic Oils, Organic Herbs, Organic Extracts and other preparations.

Vedicare Ayurveda is a member of BDIH a Germany body which is the pioneer in establishing standards for Natural cosmetics. Subsequently Vedicare follows the strict BDIH standards for manufacture and sale of Natural cosmetics. These include restriction on the use of parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum based ingredients and promoting the use of organic ingredients as far as possible. Compliance to these standards is verifiedby its certification arm IONC. For complete and precise information on BDIH standards please visit their official website www.bdih.de . BDIH is one of the founders of the harmonised COSMOS standard for Natural & Organic cosmetics.

In addition to having its own products from the Soul Tree range certified by BDIH, Vedicare is also a contract manufacturer for reputed European brands which are certrified by BDIH.

Note- Membership of BDIH does not imply that all products manufactured by a company are certified to BDIH standards. Please contact us for the list of Soul Tree products certified by BDIH.

Vedicare Ayurveda is a licensed manufacturer of Ayurvedic products and it follows the GMP guidelines laid down by the Dept. Of Ayurveda under the Ministry of Health, Govt. Of India. Vedicare has been awarded the GMP certificate for complying with the same in all respects.




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